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Zoids Battle Colosseum Box Art.

Zoids Battle Colosseum is a video game based on the Zoids franchise.


Zoids Battle Colosseum was released on the 30th of November, 2006. The story follows the characters of Zoids Dash as they are sucked into the doubly-fictional Battle Colosseum game and must find a set of legendary cards to escape. The game has 3D graphics but uses a rock-paper-scissors mechanism for combat.

In spite of it's more-unrealistic-than-normal plot, this game has a great selection for Zoids and even includes characters from the web comic. The cards are based on the same images as those seen in the real Battle Colloseum Trading Card Game, and different combinations will allow automatic upgrades into stronger units. For example, using Leon Toros with the Blade Liger card will immediately upgrade his Zoid to the Blade Liger LS.

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