The One Blox was a Zoids toy line, featuring miniature Zoids.

The One Blox
Zoids: The One Blox Logo.
Start Date
End Date
Includes Zoids From
Regions Japan
Designation OBZ


The One Blox were a series of randomly packaged (sold either in cases of twelve or in gashapon machines, with different colors in each) Zoids mini-figures, each a super-deformed style Zoid built around a single Blox cube. February Hill also made a garage/fan kit-style series of resin cast One Blox, sold at Wonderfest in boxes illustrated by Mercy Rabbit.


The line was cancelled after only one set; while prototype versions of Geno Saurer and several more Liger Zero variants were seen in a leaflet (and a Molga visible in other photos), they were never actually produced.


* NOTE: Prototype Sea Panther is not actualy a prototype Zoid, but rather just the name of the Zoid.

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