This article relates to the model release designated "GZ" and "GB". For the corresponding anime series, see Zoids: Genesis.

Zoids Genesis is a line of Zoids, specifically tied in with the Zoids: Genesis anime series.

Zoids Genesis
Zoids Gensis Logo
Start Date 2005
End Date 2006 Genesis, 2007 Bio Zoids
Includes Zoids From Zoids
Regions Japan, UK
Designation GZ, GB


Fitting in with the Anime, a large number of new Zoids were introduced in this line. Not all Zoids in the model line were seen in the series. Hound Soldier and Cannon Fort for example, were not never in the animated series but were welcomed by fans who had not seen the models since the Grade Up era none the less.

Baratz Zoids seen in the series had their own model line.

While Takara-Tomy treated Bio Zoids as a separate series of new pose-able type Zoids, this article includes them as a sub-line due to the timing of the releases and similarities between the two lines.


The line went on sale in 2005, with some limited editions being produced into 2006.

Bio Megaraptor was released in the UK in 2007.


Bio Zoids Edit

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