A New StrengthEdit

Van emerges in the Blade Liger, just as Raven's Genosaurer starts to overheat. Raven proceeds to engage Van, thinking he could win without the Charged Particle Cannon. Yet the battle proves though, the Blade Liger's shield, blades, and acceleration prove more than enough to counter Raven at every turn.

Raven proceeds to fight - even using the charged particle cannon again. Yet Van proves adamant. He rejects Ravens hatred of Zoids, and enforces his beliefs by protecting Wendeen. Raven shows a surprisingly emotional plea - saying humans can't trust their lives to Zoids.

Eventually, Raven is defeated, and although the Genosaurer is destroyed, Raven escapes on Shadow.

Raven admits the loss, and while he refuses to accept Van's ideology, he does affirm that he will kill no more Zoids until he is able to settle the score with Van.

IMG 0207

The Blade Liger bests Raven's Genosaurer

The Hypersonic GuestEdit

The group leave Porto aboard a sea-faring Zoid "Kraken". They had asked Wendeen about the Zoid Eve, but had learnt nothing. Now headed in search of more clues, the group quickly find themselves in troubled waters. They soon see floating scrap metal, signs of a recent Zoid battle.

Before they are given any chance to wonder, a Hypersonic Storm Sworder swiftly descends, detonating a large explosive nearby.

The Storm Sworder pilot reveals herself, a young child by the name Melissa Su. After announcing her role as a Helic researcher, she promptly demands they change course. Feng Jian (her Storm Sworder) shows a sea mine that had been retrieved. Melissa revels that a Zoid name "Viking" was able to produce these mines out of underwater elements. The theorem was called the "MS theorem" and was equipped onto Viking three years ago. It had escaped its testing confides, and was likely in the waters nearby.

While they were talking, Kraken had advanced (and was now totally surrounded by Sea mines, slowly being drawn in). Melissa reveals that the "MS theorem" was her creation, and she blamed herself for anyone put in harms way. This motivates Van into action, he merges with Zeke and creates a shield under Kraken. The shield parts the water and safely detonates the mines around them.


ISBN: 1-56931-766-6

Chaotic Century Graphic Novel

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