Dragon of SlaughterEdit

The chapter begins with the Republic receiving Herman's request. Despite the army agreeing to send reinforcements, Moonbay takes Herman back to Porto. Should the army not arrive in time, handing Herman over to the empire would be the only way to avert war. Moobay had intended to force Herman back to Porto, but it proves unnecessary, he was more than willing to return.

Meanwhile Van and Fiona think over the similarities between Zeke, Shadow and "D". They end up eating a meal provided by Rebecca. She packed them food alongside a letter explaining the heartfelt importance of Wendeen.

At Dawn, Schubaltz learns of the Republic's sortie. Schubaltz talks to the army, inquiring about their actions. The Republic respond by saying it was manoeuvres, they were training in the desert near Porto, and using the town as a supply area. This obvious lie was to avoid conflict, forcing the Empire to instigate any conflict. (something that would be extremely disadvantageous to their war efforts).

Ignoring Schubaltz, Raven instantly sorties against the army. He was not bound by Schubaltz' line of command, and even if he wanted to, Schubaltz lacked the fire-power to intercept Raven.

"G", Raven's Zoid, wipes out a wing of Pteras with a blast from its Charged Particle Cannon. The Genosaurer ("G") then leaps above the remaining Pteras and fire straight down, the resulting explosion forces Van to activate his Shield. Raven quickly dominates Van, and slices a hole right down the side of the Shield Liger, disembowelling both left-hand legs.

IMG 0206

Schubaltz and Raven do battle

The Bonds of TrustEdit

Zeke jettisons, with Van inside. Somewhat luckily, Raven's Zoid overheats from continued cannon fire, and he decides to head back to town.

Raven decides to pass the time by destroying Wendeen. Schubaltz tries to reason with Raven, pointing out that there was no longer any hope of capturing the spy. Schubaltz then sorties in his Iron Kong, in an attempt to stop the pointless destruction of Wendeen.

Back at the Shield Liger, Van asks Fiona how to use the Shadow Arrow, noting that it wasn't a death wish, Zeke would assist keeping the liger alive. He arrives back, just as Schubaltz and the Tri Blitz squadron were defeated.

However, Van proves no match for Raven, and ultimately gets trapped up against Wendeen's side. But Van believed in his Zoid, and was adamant in protecting them from Raven. This undying belief resonated with Fiona, who interacted with Wendeen itself.

A large heart-shaped bulge emerged in Wendeen, engulfing the Shield Liger. It proved able to witstand a Charged Particle beam with no damage whatsoever.

Just as Raven could question what was going on, Wendeen opened up, revealing Caesar, transformed into a brand-new Blade Liger.


  • ISBN: 1-56931-765-8
Chaotic Century Graphic Novel

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