A Young Woman's Awakening - A ZOID'S AwakeningEdit

Fighting against Raven and Shadow, Van and Zeke find themselves unable to harm the now-melded Zaber Fang. A construction brachios attempts to interviene, but it too is swiftly taken down. During the mayhem, the other capsule brought from the ruins shattered open. The contents were gone by the time anyone noticed.

Van is whisked away from the battle by Zeke, and is taken to the Command Wolf Zeke. Here, they meet Fiona whereupon she immediately explains she was from the capsule and likewise, bonded to Zeke. Before imparting additional wisdom, she promptly kisses Van. This surprising act heals all his injuries, but not wasting any time, Fiona also proceeds to heal Zeke.

Fiona then collapses out of exhaustion, from expending too much power. She was able to explain that the "big Zeke" (the Command Wolf situated over Van's Father's grave) was not completely dead. Rather, that it yearned for battle, and knew how to defeat Raven.

Van and Zeke merge, before the duo merge with the Command Wolf, bringing it back to life and tackling Raven.

IMG 0202

The heart-shaped Zeke fuses with the Zoid core of big Zeke

The Final Attack - A Father's VoiceEdit

Van manages to push Raven back, using the surprise revival of Zeke to his advantage. This, however, is short-lived as Raven quickly regains the upper hand. The Zaber Fang being a much stronger Zoid than the Command Wolf. Combined with Shadow, the Zaber's output was three times higher than normal.

Van is advised to use Ragnarok Fang. Zeke's "final" attack. This was the devastating attack unleashed by Van's Father, an attack so powerful it killed both him and Zeke.

Van, refusing to let Zeke die, was adamantly against using the attack. However, Zeke imparted him with memories of his father. He was reminded that the motivation of Ragnarok was to save Van and his sister.

In one ultimate strike, Van takes down Raven's Zoid. Both pilots manage to escape, using Zeke and Shadow to flee. Raven did not consider it a loss. His objective was to kill all the Zoids anyway (including his Zaber Fang). Having met his goal, he promptly left.

As the commotion passes, the village beings to plan rebuilding, treating it just as they would an earthquake or hurricane.

During this, Chryol buries the heart of Bony. Van apologises profusely, noting it was his fault that Raven came to attack. His pleads fall on deaf ears, as she presents him a small magnet from Bony. She asks him to use it on Zeke, and to treat Zeke as his best friend from now on. A promise that Van swears to uphold until the end of time.


  • ISBN: 1-56931-751-8
Chaotic Century Graphic Novel

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