Wake Up! Zeke! is the fourteenth episode from the anime series Zoids: Chaotic Century based on TOMY's Zoids model franchise.

Volcano Van ep14

Van dives into a Volcano to retrieve some Zoid Magnite, in order to heal his wounded organoid.


Starting with the Empire's forces regrouping after the damage done to them in the previous episode's trap. Due to the change in plans in the prior episode, Schubaltz's forces are unharmed and therefore they are still a threat to the Republic, who are themselves regrouping. (Schubultz: "My units were unaffected").

Meanwhile, Zeke, badly injured after the battle with Raven, is brought to an abandoned town. Van beats himself up about it, but eventually Dr. D shows up and examines Zeke. He proclaims that Zeke needs "Zoid Magnite" to be healed. This is a blue rock that is only found in the crater of an active Volcano, the nearby Mt. Osa, which is, incidentally, a critically important military facility that is being targeted by both side. Irvine heads off as well, arming himself with a new weapon he had been given permission by Dr. D to use.

With this weapon Irvine goes after Raven, while Van successfully dives into the depths of the Volcano to get the Magnite. Irvine is somewhat successful at catching Raven off guard, and impales the Zaber Fang in a bed of spikes. This isn't enough to defeat him, and he fuses with Shadow, ripping off his own injured leg and outruns Irvine's attacks, allowing Raven to get the better of the Command Wolf. Irvine manages to escape using some flashbangs, while Van and Moonbay also successfully reach Zeke with the Zoid Magnite. This reacts with the organoid and successfully revives him.




  • The weapon given to Irvine is called a "Multiple Missile diffusion system" and was designed for the Gojulas.
  • In this episode the term "ZG" is used. It is a nickname for the Gojulas.
  • This is the first time we get to see Schubaltz without his hat on.
  • There is a minor deleted scene, when Irvine shoots Raven after fusing, the missiles firing from the weapons was removed from the dub.

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