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Many Ancient Zoidians, like the ancient Zoids, had at least partially metallic bodies.

The Zoidians (sometimes called Ancient Zoidians) were the original inhabitants of Planet Zi. In appearance, Zoidians look identical to normal humans, but have particularly brightly coloured eyes and hair. In the Battle Story, some Zoidians have metallic parts over their bodies, while in the anime, some have been known to possess unique abilities similar to psychic powers. It is unknown if all Zoidians have this trait, or if such traits are abnormal. Zoidians appeared to have close bonds with Zoids and especially organoids.


Early Zoidians used magnetic tools to capture and domesticate ancient Zoids.

Zoidians were always accompanied by an organoid, and the two went everywhere together. Their technology was far beyond that found on modern Planet Zi, among their various achievements the Zoidians possessed skyscrapers, universal sources of energy, and advanced Zoid engineering skills. However, their race was nearly totally destroyed, due to a series of wars, natural disasters, and the destructive power of the Death Saurer.


Zoidians formed the Empire and Republic before the arrival of Humans to Zi.

Some Zoidians still live on Zi, as shown in Zoids: Chaotic Century/Guardian Force. It is practically impossible to describe their way of life, because of the lack of knowledge upon the current residents on Zi, and the fact that the Zoidians that do appear in the series either do not remember the past, or never talk about it.

Notable Zoidians include Fiona, Rease and Hiltz from Chaotic Century/Guardian Force. Numerous other Zoidians appear in the Zoids Battle Story.

There is a striking similarity between the ancient Zoidians, and the ancient race in Zoids: Genesis. Both races had similar technological prowess, and both were left practically extinct due to some disaster. However, the ancient race in Genesis is not called Zoidians, and are not referenced as being natural inhabitants of Planet Zi.

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