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Zoid Evolution is the process of going from a basic form of Zoid to a more advanced form. This kind of evolution happens differently (and often inconsistently) in various media.

Battle StoryEdit

The Battle Story gives comprehensive details on how each Zoid is formed. Wild Zoids were detailed to exist, which are eventually evolved (naturally or otherwise) into current Zoids.

Chaotic Century and Guardian ForceEdit


Geno Saurer's cocoon

In the events of Chaotic Century and Guardian Force, organoids are used to evolve Zoids. Several prominent examples exist:


The Murasame Liger is shown to be able to "evolt", that is to change forms spontaneously.

Video GamesEdit

Zoids video games often allow the player to use parts to create new Zoids. Zoids Saga DS shows roughly how each Zoid is related.

Zoids Tree

Zoids Saga DS showing roughly how Zoids are related.

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