Yamato released one Zoid frame in two colors in the US and Japan. This was not a full toy line, but a one-off kit plus one recolored version typical of the company. Yamato is known for making collectors items and advertises massive size, articulation, fine details, special features and diecast metal.

Yamato logo.
Start Date 2010 Japan, 2011 US
End Date 2012 Japan, 2014 US
Includes Zoids From N/A
Regions Japan, USA
Designation RZ


Yamato released a large diecast Shield Liger resembling the Zoid piloted by Van in the Chaotic Century anime.

The company later made an expansion pack for the Zoid. While it did not carry the title of CP-01, the kit consisted of two plastic Beam Cannons (called Bazookas in the US) and the necessary attachments for the Zoid.

Yamato later released the Liger and expansion kit as the the Shield Liger DCS-J.


CP concept


The first Yamato Zoid was released in December 2010. The beam cannon expansion went to market in June 2011. In late June 2012 the second Liger figure was distributed.

In North America, Yamato USA released the first Sheild Liger in January 2011 under it Mechanical Collections with a manufacturers suggested retail price of $265 U.S. currency. The Shield Liger DCS-J made it to the US in early 2014.


Source: Yamato USA website

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