The Sekiha Tenkyoken (石破天驚拳) is the finishing move of the Liger Zero Falcon Kai.



The Liger Zero Falcon Kai in a figure of a phoenix upon using Sekiha Tenkyoken.

Se ki ha ten kyo ken

Liger Zero Falcon Kai extends its Buster Claws into Laser Lance (Attack) Mode as the Sekiha Tenkyoken's signature weapon upon delivering the final blow.

This was first introduced when Pat becomes reunited with his father, Frank. When the two are training as father and son alone, Pat drew the potential of his Fuzor as it is about to use this attack.

The Sekiha Tenkyoken's attack sequence when Pat manages to send out his "inner bird", then it flies into the atmosphere then a giant sword will descend into the Earth. When the sword appears, it will be used as a ramp as the Liger Zero Falcon Kai extends its Buster Claws into Flight mode. Once it crosses to the sword, the Liger Zero is shrouded in aura and comes into a figure of a Fire Phoenix as it flies in the atmosphere. When flying before diving, it extends its Buster Claws into Attack mode; preparing to dive onto the target, the Liger will break the sound barrier and then finishes the enemy in one shot.

The School of the Undefeated of the East...

The ultimate technique! Sekiha Tenkyoken!!!

Pat, about to unleash the Sekiha Tenkyoken

Combination Attacks

Liger Zero Falcon Kai/Pat can combine attacks with Murasame/Hayate/Mugen Liger/Robertson.

Sekiha "Hyakurai" Tenkyoken

First, Liger Zero Falcon Kai unleashes its Sekiha Tenkyoken while Hayate Liger awaits the Zero Falcon Kai to extend its Buster Claws from Flight Mode to Attack Mode, and Hayate Liger unleashes all of its Murasame Divider. The Zero Falcon first makes the first blow and the Hayate makes the second blow, and both at the same time deliver the final blow.

Sekiha "Mugen" Tenkyoken

Overall, this combination attack is the namesake of the Mugen Liger. When this attack is executed, The Zero Falcon Kai does the same way as the "Hyakurai" Tenkyoken, while the Mugen Liger extends both it's Murasame and Mugen Blades as it rushes as the same fashion as the Zero Falcon Kai in a figure of a white lion. Both Mugen Liger and Zero Falcon Kai collide before unleashing the final blow. The Mugen Liger makes the first strike before the Zero Falcon hits the target, and at the same time, both Mugen and Zero Falcon Kai deliver the final blow.

Sekiha "Kyuukyoku" Tenkyoken

This combination attack is used by Liger Zero Falcon Kai and the Murasame Liger and all of it's consecutive evolts. The attack sequence as it follows; the Zero Falcon Kai performs its Sekiha Tenkyoken, the Murasame Liger uses its Murasame Sword, followed by its evolution to Hayate Liger, at the same time unleashes its Murasame Dividers, then followed by another consecutive evolt to Mugen Liger, and again extends its Murasame and Mugen Blades at the exact same fashion to the "Mugen" Tenkyoken combination attacks, after Murasame/Hayate/Mugen Liger executed all the attacks, the Liger Zero Falcon Kai will deliver the final blow.

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