Jump! Zeke!

O'Connell: Alright. Just sit there, and cool your heels for a little while, punk. 

Van: Hey there! Military guy. Just what are we suppose to have done, anyway? Answer me!

Irvine: Can it, already. Hard to believe, but even in this place, I can't get away from you guys.

Herman: Alright, let me go over this one more time. The Imperial Army has an advanced division of over 80 Molga units, our plan is to surround them on this island of the Red River, and insure there complete destruction. Gentlemen, now its up to you, we will succeed against the Imperial Army." He explains calmly, to all the soldiers.

Moonbay: Alright. Everybody ready to go?

Herman: Moonbay. Victory depends on your ability to complete this operation. You will not be forgiven if you fail!

Moonbay: Yeah, yeah, yeah. I hear ya.

Van: Hey girls, be careful.

Fiona: Thanks Van, you and Zeke be careful too.

Van: No, problem.

Herman: Hey, kid. Were relying on you, and your Zoid to achieve success, were quite anxious to see, if you can pull off another miracle.

Van: Hey Moonbay. How come, your taking the long way around?

Moonbay: How do you know, it isn't a shortcut?

Herman:Huh, this is just like a showdown, at high noon.

Van: Showdown? I thought this was a war?

Herman: Its just an expression, kid..

Van: Whatever. Why are they sitting there? I mean, when are they gonna attack?

O'Connell: Captain Herman. It appears our reinforcements, will not be able to make it, till the morning.

Herman: Yeah. Roger that. Well, looks like we'll have to deal with this, all by ourselves.

A Dark Horn walks to the front of the Imperial Division. The pilot, Karl Shubaltz exits it.

Pteras coming, when it attacks the enemy, i'l attack it. The pilot doesn't disappoint, it fires on the empire.

Shubaltz gives the order to attack.

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