The Protectors.  

Van: I don't believe it. That isn't a mirage?  

Van: What are you doing here?! 

Irvine: I didn't introduce myself last time, i'm Irvine. Thought I heard some bandits, but its just you, kid. 

Van: What do you mean, kid? Your not the only one with a name, sleezeball!  

Irvine: Quit yapping and get out of lake, little kid.  

Van: If you've come for Zeke, you might as well forget about it. Do you hear me?  

Irvine: Just relax kid. I'm not here to steal your Zoid away from you. I'm only here as a protector. Van: I'm not following ya.

Irvine: This colony is a important place nowadays, soldiers who were booted out of the Imperial Army, come around here and wreak havoc on the place.

Van: You mean bandits?  

Irvine: Yup, thats why these people hired me. 

Van: So, how often do these bandits attack, anyway? 

Irvine: Pretty often and its always on a specific date. According to the village chief, todays one of those days.  

Scene change to after he explains it to her. 

Fiona: Be defenders? 

Van: Yeah! Don't you see? You, me and Zeke, we need a mission, we need something to fight for, we can become, 

He pauses for dramatic effect. 

Van: protectors.   

Scene change to after Van saying he wants to help.

Irvine: I don't think so. You'll only get in my way. 

Van: Sorry?!  

Irvine: They just need one protector here, and thats me. Nobody needs your help around here, and nobody gets in my way.  

Irvine: For a gang of bandits, these guys have some pretty impressive equipment. But thats only an advantage if they know how to use it, and thats where I have serious doubts.   

Rosso: Boy!"

Van: What'd you butt in for? We had the battle totally under control. We didn't need you to steal the show. 

Irvine: I was not stealing the show. I was just trying to fight efficiently. 

Van: What do you mean efficiently?!

Irvine: I conserved my energy for the last act. 

Van: But, what if he'd shot me down right in the beginning? Then how would you have gotten to me, in time to help? 

Irvine chuckles. 

Irvine: I'l explain it some day, in the mean time, I intend to take Zeke for myself one day. Until we meetagain, Kid. 

Fiona: You know Van, that Irvine guy believed in you. He knew you were going to lose. 

Van: Come on, Fiona. Lets get on with our mission to find the Zoid Eve. But if I catch you getting rid of any more of my water. Your gonna find yourself in big trouble. 

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