a black/red Command Wolf fighting the Gordos, 

Van: Leave him alone. 

Irvine: That's the kid I met yesterday.

Van: You again! 

Irvine: Hey kid, sit back and watch the skills of a real Zoid pilot.  

He moves against the Gordos, and locks heads with it after several moments the Gordos gives, and falls to the ground, with a wail. 

Van: Hey! Zeke! Zeke launches and merges with the Shield Liger. 

Irvine: An Organoid!

his Command Wolf has a damaged front leg. 

Irvine: Ah! come on, man! 

Van gets out of his Liger, and runs to the Gordos. 

Van: Gordos! are you okay? Come on, move or something! 

Fiona: Do you think he's going to be okay?  

Irvine is shelling the area with explosive rounds from an anti-Zoid rifle. 

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