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Providing a glimpse into Zi's future and released in 2004, the Three Tigers line consisted of all of six kits: three legendary Tiger-type Zoids (one formed via a combination of two separate kits) and the Decalto Dragon (also a combination). The limited Pterorayse model was also seen on the DVD version of the Three Tigers story. Since the Three Tigers story was at the end of the NJR line, it was very closely followed by the Fuzors line and Fuzors anime tiein (also in 2004). The setting for both Fuzors and the Three Tigers were similar: Zoids are owned mainly by private citizens, with fightworthy ones restricted to peacekeeping forces and licensed sports fighters.

Two large Zoid manufacturing corporations, ZOITEC and Zi-Arms, became considerable powers on Zi. Discovering the cores of ancient tiger Zoids, they set out to create their own versions. Part of Zi-Arms proved to have an ulterior motive: seizing power and reviving the glory days of the Empire with the Dekalt Dragon, Brastle Tiger, and a Mega Death Saurer. When the Mega Death Saurer is revived, it goes berserk, destroying the Dekalt Dragon. The two ZOITEC Tigers (Whitz and Rayse) team up with a rebelling Brastle to stop the Saurer, however...and then vanish, the story booklet included with the Brastle Tiger kit describing them as "disappearing back into legend".

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