Storm Tyrann
Sturm Tyrann
The Sturm Tyrann

Tyrannosaurus Type
Crew 1
Weight 145 tons
Depth 22.7 m
Height 15.2 m
Maximum Speed 400 km/h
Weapons Electron Fangs, Strike Laser Claws (2), Strike Claws (2), Strike Smash Tail, Charged Particle Cannon, Charged Particle Generator (3), X-Breaker (2)
Equipment Changing Armour System (CAS), Vernier Thrusters (10), High Maneuver Thrusters (2), Ion Booster Pack, Sturm Booster (2), Anchors (4), Head Shield

The Sturm Tyrann is a recolored version of the Storm Unit. It sports a red and gold color scheme, and is bundled with a similarly-recolored Berserk Fury.

Release DetailsEdit

The Sturm Tyrann was released on the 29th of May, 2003, and is a limited edition kit from Yuji Kaida line. It had a short production run, making it quite hard to find and pricey. At the Kotobukiya Zoids HMM Series 10th Anniversary event in December 2016, Kotobukiya annouced that they will release a 1/72 scale Highend Master Model of the Sturm Tyrann in the future.

Battle StoryEdit

The Sturm Tyrann appears as one of the units used by the Eisen Dragoon.


The Sturm Tyrann is exclusively seen in print media, such as the Zoids Official Fan Book, but it is possible to produce a Storm Unit and recolor it to roughly match the Sturm Tyrann's design in the Zoids Saga series.

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