Stolen SecretEdit

Stolen secret is the second mission of the Empire Story mode of the Nintendo GameCube Video game Zoids Battle Legends based TOMY's Zoids model franchise.

Kouki sees a an estrange Zoid inside the base.


The mission begins when Kouki winning on his first battle against Shoma. Shoma flees while Kouki searches the ruins for information, until he runs over a mysterious Zoid with no data entry, few seconds later, Imperial troops came and attack the base itself. A matter of time Reiner appears, assisting Kouki to repel enemy attacks.

The player must spend most of the battle away from the action. See to it that to attack the Cannon Tortoises before the Molgas. Or allow Reiner to handle the Molgas while you take down the Cannon Tortoises.


  • Introduced character(s): Reiner Granat
  • Featured characters: Kouki Demon, Reiner Granat


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