Rinna is Kotona Elegance's sister from Zoids Genesis.

Zoids29 01
Appearances Zoids: Genesis
Debut Zoids: Genesis Episode 29
Affiliation Iron Rock
Age 17
Primary Zoids
Japanese Name リンナ・エレガンス (Rinna Elegance)
Voice Actors Shizuka Ito


Kotona's twin sister, Rinna lives in their hometown of Iron Rock. When Kotona was young, the two lived together, however, in order to safeguard the secrets of the Gildragon, only one head of the family could be allowed to live (and hence, only one person was allowed to know the Zoid's activation codes). Knowing this, Kotona, the stronger of the two, was going to be made the new leader, at the expense of Rinna's life. To stop this, Kotona fled from Iron Rock. A misunderstanding Rinna tried to stop her, by killing her, but failed, and Kotona fell into an underground lake, where a still-functional Rainbow Jerk lay dormant. Later, when Kotona returned to Iron Rock, Rinna would, still thinking Kotona was a traitor, try once again to kill her sister. It is only when she is informed of the truth by one of the other Iron Rock citizens, that her grudge dissipates, and she even ends up taking a bullet for her, in order to protect her from Digald. Rinna survives this, and later helps Kotona revive the Gildragon, as two people are needed to input the Zoid's codes (normally it would have been Kotona and her husband, but as she was single, Rinna did the job instead). She does not board the Gildragon, and is last seen still in Iron Rock.

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