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Zoid of the Month: September




The Leoblaze is a Lion type of Zoid designed by the ZOITEC Corporation for use by the Helic Republic in their counter-offensive against the Neo-Zenebas Empire. Believed to be the first Blox-type Zoid to be put into mass production, the Leoblaze was designed to work with the Unenlagia. The two units support and complement each other, the Leoblaze being capable in close combat while the Unenlagia provided long-ranged fire.

First deployed in ZAC 2102, the Zoid was eagerly adopted by the devastated Helic armies, who were desperate for new weapons to face the Neo-Zenebas forces with. The Zoid proved to be effective against the smaller Neo-Zenebas Zoids like the Demantis and Guntiger, as well as the Chimera Blox. The design was later replaced with an advanced derivative, the Leostriker.

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Zoid Pilot of the Month: September




Arrow is the main protagonist of Zoids VS III as well as an agent of ZOITEC. Together with his female partner, Alma. He is also called by the alias "Red Whirlwind." Arrow and Alma are given several missions to capture criminals who are in connection with the Zi-Arms Foundation. Arrow is considered to a ruthless person at a first glance, although he carries a strong sense of justice.

Arrow's main Zoid is a Rayse Tiger, called Rayse Tiger AS which posses greater speed, turning ability and endurance than a normal Rayse Tiger. A different color scheme differentiates the AS from a regular Rayse Tiger. Read more

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