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Zoid of the Month: April


Hollow ichigoAdded by Hollow ichigo

The Gustav is a type of Zoid, a race of mechanical lifeforms from the fictional Zoids universe. Gustavs feature heavily in the anime and games, and are the only non-combatant Zoids produced as a 1/72 scale model. The Gustav is a insect-type (similar to a woodlouse) Transport Zoid. It was initially created by the Helic Republic, but came into use across all nations of Zi, along with many examples in private ownership.

While its land speed is only average, the Gustav has an incredibly long range and great endurance. Furthermore, the Zoid has incredible strength; it can pull up to 250 tons of cargo on its two trailers, and carry most of that without losing any speed. This has made it the premier cargo-hauling Zoid on Zi. Read More

Zoid Pilot of the Month: April


Watermaiden15Added by Watermaiden15

Felme is a fictional character from Zoids: Genesis. She is one of the major antagonists. Felme is one of Digald's most senior officers. She is the pilot of the Bio Ptera, one of the series' scarce few flying Zoids, making her a valuable asset to Digald's army.

In actuality, she is a Sky person, along with Jiin and Ron, and was tasked with both monitoring Digald and giving Jiin the Bio Ptera for use in his forces. She would be regularly seen with Souta, whom she was tasked with looking after for much of the series. She is most often seen in a bath of some description, and simply wants excitement, even going so far as to rebel against the Sky people, destroying their civilisation with her Bio Raptor Gui forces, just because she thought it would be interesting. She does not really have any loyalties.

Read more

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