Lt. Hardin
Lt. Hardin saluting.
Appearances Zoids: Chaotic Century
Affiliation Zenebas and Guylos Empire
Primary Zoids Iron Kong HS
Japanese Name
Voice Actors

Lt. Hardin is a fictional character from Zoids: Chaotic Century. She is one of the antagonists.


Lieutenant Hardin is one of Prozen's closest subordinates. She is often seen at his side or taking orders directly from him. Hardin never questions Prozen's commands, and is clearly shown as willing to risk her life for him.


Hardin is a strict and uncompromising person, who had little value for her subordinates.

Ability as a Zoid PilotEdit

Hardins iron kong hs

Lt.Hardin's Iron Kong HS

While Hardin can be assumed to be a capable Zoid pilot, due to her rank. She is portrayed much like Marcus, in that she placed more value on showing her superiors a strong image, than that of tactics or strategy. This thinking ultimately lead to her demise. During a siege in episode 34, rather than risk a drawn-out stalemate (which possibly would have been seen in a bad light by Prozen), she plunged her units in head first, effectively ordering them to certain death. Planning to cover the losses with overwhelming numbers, her tactics ultimately failed. She, alongside her troops, were killed in this siege.


Prozen: Hardin is shown to be very loyal to Prozen.

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