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This is a list of Battle Teams as they appear in the various series.

List of Battle Teams in New Century

Main article: Zoids: New Century

Blitz Team

The main characters of New Century:

Tigers Team

The Tigers Team later change their name to "Zaber Fangs". Against their will, they also earn a sarcastic nickname of "Fuzzy Pandas", due to their massive loosing streak. (This nickname is even mentioned by an official Judge).

Champ Team

Numerous other Zoids are seen on the Champ team, such as Cannon Tortoises. Their transports are Whale Kings. Jack Cisco features as a mercenary for one episode.

Flugel Team

Lightning Team

Fuma Team

Backdraft team employed by Altile.

Gold Team

Backdraft team used by Major Polta.


Solely used by Stigma Stoller.

Team Vega

Solely used by Vega Obscura.

Red Fire Team

Brielfly seen at the beginning of episode 5, they employed Jack Cisco for a short time.

Vipers Team

Seen in episode 6 fighting the Blitz Team. The battle was interrupted by the Backdraft.

Buffalos Team

Seen fighting the Fuma Team in episode 21.

Thunder Arrow Team

Not seen directly, they were mentioned in episode 23 as being defeated by the Fluegel Team.

Crusaders Team

This team was mentioned frequently in conversation, was supposed to fight the Blitz Team in episode 20, they appeared to use Command Wolves.

Exciter Team

Seen in episode 18 using Command Wolfs.

Wolves Team

Defeated by the Fuma Team in episode 10. They use Command Wolfs.

List of Battle Teams in Fuzors

Main article: Zoids: Fuzors

Mach Storm

The main characters of Zoids Fuzors.

Savage Hammer

The antagonists of Zoids Fuzors

Richter Scale

Led by Alpha Richter.

Black Impact

Led by Rastani.

Dark Assassins

The first team to utilise a Fuzor.

Renegade Force

Defeated by the Black Impact Team in episode 1, uses three Godos.

List of Battle Teams in Video game series

Three Beast Warriors (Zoids Saga)

Led by Regina Cuori. Zoids: Command Wolf (x3), König Wolf (x3), Trinity Liger (Athle Arcadia)

Team Zeru (Zoids: Legacy)

Led by Zeru Jupit. Zoids: Blitz Tiger (Zeru), Redler (Juno Hera)

Blue Unicorn Team (Zoids VS, Helic)

Led by Albane Nimbus. Zoids: Aero Liger (Shoma Cheval), Snipe Master Blue Unicorn (Tita Breeze), Gojulas Giga (Albane), Gairyuki (Zan Fel)

Rottiger Team (Zoids VS, Guylos)

Led by Claudia Diamant. Zoids: Lord Gale (Claudia), Liger Zero X (Reiner Granat), Iron Kong (Max Rubin), Sabre Tiger (Kouki Demon)

List of Battle Teams in the New Century Manga

Team Blitz

The Blitz Team as they appear in the Manga. Bit, Brad, Leena and Jamie. Zoids: Liger Zero, Command Wolf, Dibison, Gun Sniper, Storm Sworder, Shadow Fox. There is no mention of Leon in the manga. Led by Steve Toros.

Team Mord

Appear in chapter 1, they kidnap Leena to throw the battle. Zoids: Atak Kat x3

Team Poseidon

Appear in chapter 3, they are semi-finalists set to fight the Blitz Team. The battle is interrupted by backdraft members Raid and Pierce using two Storm Sworders.


The Elephander features in chapter 2, piloted by Stoller. The Berserk Fury features in chapter 4, piloted by Altair.

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