This is a list of 'Battle Modes, a set of rules that govern Zoid battles as they appear in New Century. Battle modes are stipulated by Judges before a fight.

  • 1001 - Royal Cup. Held once every 4 years, the Royal Cup allows class A teams to compete for a chance to get into class S. Zoids are not allowed to be used after they reach a system freeze. Competitors must defeat 5 other teams to gain data to progress to a predetermined finish line. Each team cannot use more than 4 Zoids, but there is no limit to the minimum number of Zoids a team can use.
  • 0973 - No flying Zoids are allowed in this mode. Called "Blind Combat" the battle mode usually has large obstacles on the arena to limit participant's line of sight.
  • 0982 - This battle mode is the most frequently used. There is no stipulation on weapons or specific Zoids. The only rule is that both teams must fight with the same number of Zoids overall.
  • 0983 - This mode is much the same as 0982. But is for 3 vs 3 combat.
  • 0988 - Combatants can only use 6 shots of ranged weaponry.
  • 0992 - There is no restriction on weapons or type of Zoid, but the fight must be a one-on-one battle.
  • 0990 - Similar to 0999, in that the rules are very open, however this mode is used by the Zoid Battle Commission. As such, there are some rules in place that provide pilot safety.
  • 0999 - This mode is exclusively used by the Backdraft. There are no rules in this battle mode.
  • 6690 - Shooting Challenge. This is not a real battle mode, but it is used in arcade video games. Mid-battle entrants are allowed in this mode.
  • None - Effectively the same as battle mode 0999, some backdraft judges have been known to declare battles with no mode.

Zoids LegacyEdit

Other battle modes are used in separate media. For example, in Zoids Legacy when characters participate in battles they are given numbers based on their order. The first battle the player participates in is 1-1-1, the second is 1-1-2, etc. Despite being announced by a Judge, these do not correspond to the New Century battle modes listed above.

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