Kits not covered by the regular releases are listed here.

Magazine LimitedsEdit

Video Game LimitedsEdit

  • GBC Command Wolf Blue
  • GBC Command Wolf Red
  • Playstation Red Redler
  • Battle Blox Genius Wolf
  • Zoids VS Orange Snipe Master
  • Zoids VS II Desert Liger
  • Zoids VS II Helcat Noir
  • Diablo Tiger Beta
  • Zoids VS III Pterorayse
  • Zoids Infinity Blade Liger Mirage KS
  • Zoids Tactics Shield Liger Blox
  • Zoids Infinity EX NEO Genosaurer Blox
  • DS Nintendo SAGA Sauro Knight
  • Full Metal Crash Blade Hawk
  • PS2 Leo Infinity

Convention LimitedsEdit

  • Crystal Lord Gale
  • Crystal Buster Eagle
  • Black Redler
  • Blue Command Wolf
  • Whitz Tiger Imitate
  • Rev Raptor Night Patrol
  • CP-A1 (Adaptor to fit CP-01 on Command Wolf)
  • Holotech Sabre Tiger
  • Rev Raptor Night Patrol
  • Custom Blox00-004 (WHF)
  • Dino Expo 2005 Red Horn
  • Dino Expo 2005 Raynos
  • Dino Expo 2005 Snipe Master
  • Dino Expo 2005 Genosaurer
  • Blue Lanstag Limited
  • Blue Commandwolf
  • Black Redler
  • Raykong (WHF)
  • Leostriker HT (WHF)
  • Commandwolf HT (WHF)
  • Zoids One Blox Sea Panther

Shop ExclusivesEdit

  • Silver/gold Leoblaze and Nightwise
  • Silver/gold Mosasledge and Unenlagia
  • Gold Sabre Tiger (with CP-02)
  • Clear Genosaurer
  • Genobreaker Jet
  • Heavy Arms Konig Wolf
  • Zoids Core box
  • Sabre Tiger SCV Gold
  • Genosaurer SCV Clear Black
  • Blox Leoblaze & Nightwise SCV Gold
  • Blox Unenlagia & Mosasledge SCV Metal Silver

Contest Prize & GiveawaysEdit

  • CC1 Red Leostriker
  • CC1 Red Matrix Dragon
  • CC2 Blue Stylu Armor
  • CC2 Blue Seismosaurus
  • CC3 Red Savinga
  • CC3 Red Whitz Wolf
  • CC4 Green Parablade
  • CC4 Green Deathraser
  • CC5 Black Gairyuki
  • CC5 Black Evoflyer
  • Blade Liger Mirage (Kanon Special)
  • Chrome Black Blade Liger
  • Chrome Silver Blade Liger
  • Chrome Red Genosaurer
  • Chrome Silver Genosaurer
  • Chrome Liger Zero CP set CP-17, 20 & 21
  • Chrome Gold Deathsaurer
  • Murasame Liger Gold
  • Crystal Molga (Z-Point)
  • Crystal Redhorn (Z-Point)
  • Crystal Deathsaurer (Z-Point)
  • Redler Special Colour (Z-Point)
  • Clear Colour Murasame Liger (Z-Point)
  • Gold Chrome Shield Liger Blox, Sauro Knight & Blade Hawk
  • King Gojulas (Japan Custom Contest Prize)

Other Limiteds & Special ReleasesEdit

  • Gojulas the Ogre
  • Shield Liger DCS-J
  • Iron Kong PK
  • Blade Liger Blue Chrome
  • Shield Liger Blue Chrome
  • Shield Liger Gold Chrome
  • Blade Liger Black Impact Special
  • Cannon Diver Deep Sea Version (Asia Original)
  • Brachiotortoise Special
  • Blade Liger Forest & Night Fight Version (Asia Original)
  • Biomegaraptor ClearMD
  • Bioraptor Commander
  • TRU (Japan) Murasame Liger Special Ed
  • TRU (Japan) Hayate Liger Special Ed
  • TRU Gojulas MK-II
  • TRU (Japan) Gojulas HT
  • Rainbow Jerk with Kotona Figure
  • Lanstag Break with Rei-Mi Figure
  • Murasame Liger HT (DVD Box Set#1)
  • Hayate Liger HT (DVD Box Set#2)
  • Mugen Liger HT (DVD Box Set#3)
  • Bio Megaraptor HT
  • Zoids Core Box
  • Shield Liger Commander SP

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