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First publicly announced by Kotobukiya in 2015, the Second Chapter of Highend Master Model line officially began with the Death Stinger model and continues to grow.

Chapter Two Edit

After the release of HMM Gojulas and the non-Zoid model, Z-Knight, Chapter One of the Highend Master Model line was officially concluded. Although suggested on the Kotobukiya Zoids Blog since the end of its first Zoids line, Chapter Two was not announced until the Winter Wonder Festival of February 2015.

Intermittent Period Edit

Between 2014 and 2016, Kotobukiya redistributed several old HMM model kits and Customize Parts. No changes were made to the Zoids molds themselves. Three kits did however, receive slight changes during their resales.

  • HMM Limited 003 RZ-028 Blade Liger AB Leon Specification Renewal Ver. (October 2014) Differences: new box art, new figures of Leon Toros, waterslide decals.
  • HMM Limited-002 Zi-024 Command Wolf LC Irvine Custom Repackage Ver. (May 2015) Differences: new box art, waterslide decals.
  • HMM-002 RHI-3 Command Wolf Repackage Ver. (March 2016) Differences: new box art, waterslide decals, gold painted teeth.

Z-Knights Edit

While no new Zoids models were added during this time, two unique Z-Knights, a closely related series of humanoid mecha-model kits, were released under the HMM title. Instead of the 1/72 scale, these were released in a 1/100 scale.

  • HMM-Z001 Z A03-Type K "Z-Knight" (August 2014)
  • HMM-Z002 Z A01-Type V "Marine Kaiser" (December 2015)


  • Zoids Customize Parts Beam Gatling Set (August 2015)
  • HMM-041 EZ-036 Death Stinger (December 2015)
  • HMM Limited-041 Kotobukiya Shop exclusive EZ-036 Death Stinger Hiltz Ver. (December 2015)
  • HMM-042 Iron Kong PK (August 2016) no designation number given.
  • HMM-043 Gojulas The Ogre (December 2016) no designation number given.
  • Zoids Cutomise Parts Gojulas Cannons Set (December 2016)
  • HMM Limited-022 Kotobukiya Shop exclusive EZ-054 Liger Zero Empire Ver. (July 2017)
  • HMM-044 RZ-029 Storm Sworder (November 2017)
  • HMM Limited-044 Kotobukiya Shop exclusive RZ-029 Storm Sworder Ala Barone Ver. (December 2017)
  • Sturm Tyrann (TBA)

Official SitesEdit

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