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The official Zoids website has been updated with a new teaser page, seen below.

There's almost no information on this teaser site except a high-quality rendering saying "Coming Soon" and a song called "rebellion" that plays in the background:

Full bg

Zoids Teaser BG

In possibly related news, in August the name "Zoids: Fields of Rebellion" was trademarked by TOMY, for use with video games.


The teaser site has been updated and a contest added. The contest is a chance to win a MPZ Sabre Tiger for sharing the teaser page (Japan only). The contest runs until October 6.

Update #2:

The contest has now ended, and the site has been updated with two more images, one of Molgas, and one of a Command Wolf.

Update #3:

A new contest has been added. This time for a ZA Blade Liger AB. This new contest runs from 11th October and ends 19th October. As per before, the contest is for tweeting the teaser page and is Japan-only.

Update #4:

Site is officially announced as Zoids Field of Rebellion.

Zoids pre01
Zoids pre02

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