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Europa, also known as the Western Continent, is a continent on Zi. It has two significant portions divided by North and South. The large northern section with a prominant peninsula, some mountain ranges and many flatlands featuring semi-arid to desert terrain. Europa's southern portion exends much longer longitudially than the northern section but it is far more slender with rougher terrian. Europa was insignificant in the OJR battle story. It is however, the site of much of the fighting in the New Battle Story. Since the magnetic storms of Triangle Daras had become stronger after the meteor strike of ZAC 2056, the Guylos Empire could not directly attack the Central Continent and instead invaded Europa as a starting point for attacks on the Central Continent. The early parts of the war take place at Europa's northern section with the both Empire and Republic trying to capture Mount Olympus near the middle of Europa's north. Both armies also occupy parts of Europa's southern section, with the major cities of Guygalos and New Helic City located there. After the Death Stinger goes berserk, the Guylos Empire is slowly forced off the Western Continent and retreats to the Dark Continent, followed by the Republic in ZAC 2101. While both sides still operated small outposts and test facilities on Europa (as seen in the Web Comic), the main course of the war would not return there, instead moving to the Central Continent once the Neo-Zenebas Empire takes over.

In Zoids Guardian Force, the main continent resembles Europa. The pennesula featured in Zoids New Century resembles the one near Europa's center.

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