The Command Zoids line is a set of miniature Zoids.

Command Zoids
Yujin Zoids logo.
Start Date 2000
End Date 2003
Includes Zoids From Attack Zoids
Regions Japan


These mini-kits have seen several releases. They were originally called Attack Zoids.



  • Battlerover
  • Gorem
  • Golgolga
  • Dino Chase (ディノチェイス) Republic
  • Assault Seeker (アサルトシーカー) Republic
  • Light Spiker (ライトスパイカー) Republic
  • Solstice ( ソルディス) Republic
  • Eibee (エイビー ) Republic
  • Puropuran (プロパラーン ) Republic
  • Attack Kong (アタックコング) Empire
  • Carry Bee ( キャリービー) Empire
  • Saikaachi ( サイカーチ) Empire
  • Landing Shell (ランディングシェル ) Empire
  • Gleick (グライク) Empire
  • Uonbamu (ウォンバム) Empire

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