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1st Panzer division symbol

The insignia of the Imperial 1st Panzer Division.

The 1st Panzer Division (sometimes referred to as the 1st Armored Division) is an elite unit of the Guylos Empire exclusive to the Guardian Force arc. Under the command of Colonel Schubaltz, the group deploys Dark Horn and customized Zaber Fang Zoids, which are often used to aid the Guardian Force against terrorist activities.

Several Zoids from the 1st Panzer Division made their debut in episode 4 of Guardian Force, led by the Iron Kong MK II. They would appear later in episode 7, where the unit traveled to an Imperial military base, from which they received a high-priority emergency signal.

The division would appear several times throughout the series, including episode 13, where they joined forces with the Republican army to take on Raven's newly evolved Geno Breaker, and episode 25, where they were summoned to New Helic City to help defend the capital against Hiltz's Death Stinger.

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